My name is Stefan Paz Berrios. I work as a lecturer IADT in Multimedia based subjects.
I have an MA from in Digital Media.

Webcam Required

Printer Required

Flow Player


Papervision 3d


xcode 4

Apple have released xcode 4 through the Mac App Store.
Only for a few dollars – GRRR


We have got the first app developed – Simple image viewer.



What I like so far;


  1. A single window experience – finally everything in the one window!


  2. An assistant that facilitates a WYSIWYG interface.


  3. New instruments and debugger



Dropbox synced with 1Password

Another great one.


1Password can create strong, unique passwords for you, remember them, and restore them, all directly in your web browser. It’s really powerful, letting you save credit card numbers, purchased software information — you name it, 1Password can store it.
Then, through a link in your browser window – you’re in!


What happens when you try to get into one of these sites on a different computer?
Basically – you’re fecked!


Dropbox syncing with 1Password -


This is where Dropbox comes to the rescue (again!).


You can sync your 1Password database across multiple computers so that you always have access to it and can always save to it, no matter what computer you’re using (or phone).
Here’s how you do it!! – Straight from 1Password creator’s (Agile Web Solutions) site.


Here’s the Dropbox app from the App Store.
Here’s the 1Password iPhone app from the App Store.

Dropbox – Synced Address book (Mac OS X)

This is probably my favorite hack I use with my Dropbox account.


Dropbox Address book sync (MAC OS X)


I found it kind of frustrating having multiple address books on my computers and my phone.
I was using my address book from my iMac, to get in touch – however as soon as I go anywhere and have to use my MacBook Pro all of the contacts screw up…GRRR.


Solution? – Sync your address book file to your Dropbox account.
Here is the link to a tutorial to do just that.


Here’s the Dropbox app from the App Store.

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